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Any professional path is first paved with a few small steps on the rocky road, propelled and guided by a highway of knowledge and experience. Mine began with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Management degree, where I gained the necessary skills and knowledge in proper legislative proceedings, Public and Business Management as well as the mechanisms and procedures of the Philippine Justice System in correlation. Gaining and building my proficiency in this field helped me to become a Corporate Secretary of a Construction Corporation which I then carried over in my pursuit to succeed as a Millennial Businessman and gain notable achievements in the business sector.

Carl Munsayac

Businessman, Financial Advisor

My mission is to help my clients build and sustain wealth. Of course, it gives me great satisfaction to help establish and secure millions!

The main focus of our collaboration will be centered on wealth accumulation, establishing financial confidence and securing your peace of mind through wealth protection.

The world can take a turn for the unpredictable. Things may seem dire and uncertain at times and your finances may be left vulnerable to such erratic changes. Though we may not be able to fully predict these, what we can do is to secure your wealth no matter how turbulent the times are.

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First time I felt my sense of purpose was when I realized that I want to be the person that can help other people achieve their financial goals through investments and help them pursue things that make brings them fulfillment. At the same time, I want to be there and assist if something hinders them from achieving their goals through insurance. It is a “win-win” situation when people can achieve all their goals with satisfaction and peace of mind through my help!

As we begin embarking on this journey, I will be your personal companion towards your ideal destination, whether that’s in securing or establishing your own accumulated wealth. Your future self is waiting and I’m excited to introduce you to each other!

I consider myself an advocate for my clients and will fight for their claims until we get beneficial results! In this process, it is important to stay updated at all times. You can rely on me to check on your status regularly and won’t let you get distracted away from the objective.

To me this is not only a fiduciary duty but the foundation of my relationship with my clients. I thrive and pride myself on the lifelong relationship that me and my clients establish a bond like that of real friends who covers each other’s back!



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